Why Am I Here?

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June 2012: Last week I finally stopped to examine a term that I had wandered aimlessly past on a number of occasions. That term was ‘e-Portfolio’. After a few You Tube videos I decided that this was going to be a worthwhile thing to build, but after 7 years teaching, reading and collecting notes and files (some of which were currently stored over 10,000 miles away) I had no idea where to start. It was a bit of a chicken and egg problem.

Should I start with a list of what I wanted it to look like and then find a platform on which to build it? Well, no, this wouldn’t work, as I was still a little hazey as to what should be included.

The other option would be to start with a platform; but which one would be right for me and how could I judge without any clear criteria?

In the end I decided to see what other people thought and luckily there are people willing to share both their e-portfolios and their thoughts on them. I came across a person that used Wikispaces after trying other sites. (Lost the link,but hopefully will find later). I understood his points and as I already knew the platform from previous class websites, I decided that this would be the place to start. Wikispaces obviously saw the potential themselves as they have created their own how-to guide. I have to admit to being very pleased that my name, without any extra numbers or jiggery-pokery could be used in the URL. Silly what makes you happy!

So now I have a site, what to fill it with and how to organise it? I realised that along with some other programmes, what I really needed was an electronic version of my trusty notebook. I had to get myself a blog. This would be the place where I could make notes on articles and comment on lectures – and if I learnt to tag posts effectively, I could keep track of my learning on assessment, policies, curricula, thinking tools, special needs and whatever else I will eventually come across. So, which blog? Well, I already had some history with Posterous, but I had no idea how it stacked up against other blogging sites. A Google search later and an article on the five best blogging platforms sealed the deal for me. Though Posterous was only just in the top 5, what it had going for it was ease of uploading via email. I knew that if I was ever going to get my thoughts on-line, then it would have to be immediate  otherwise they’ll join the others in a box somewhere waiting.. and waiting… and waiting.

So, here I am, about to start uploading every thought I can remember having that has made me the teacher I am today. I have a very busy time ahead!!


May 2013: Well, a lot has changed for me since I wrote that first post. First I move across the world and then I moved across to WordPress. The former was my choice and though I don’t regret it, it has been somewhat stressful. The latter was not my choice but was almost entirely free from stress. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere…

Anyway, I have tried to maintain the ePortfolio and Blog, not least because of the services it has rendered during this transition. Who I am (career wise) and the vast majority of any evidence I have needed, has been a simple click away. I cannot imagine how infuriating this process would have been without it.


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