Research Methods in Education

I few years ago I took this paper at The University of Waikato. And along with the rest of my life, I am creating a digital record.

One of the most important things I took from this course is that there is no point starting research unless you have a passion for the topic. Next you have three questions you need to ask:

  1. Should-do-ability is it relevant and important, does it have a purpose?
  2. Do-ability do I have the skills, is it manageable and will there be support?
  3. Want-to-do-ability am I intrinsically motivated and committed?

The pupose of research is to:

  • Contribute to “new” knowledge
  • Inform policy development
  • Address an issue or problem

So what is research? Here is my diagram on the nature and characteristics of educational research: (click to enlarge)

image by author
image by author

There are many ethical considerations when conducting research, but they fall roughly into two categories (Guillemin & Gillam)

  1. Procedual ethics – formal responsibility of committee
  2. Ethics in practice – responsible of researchers day to day ethical conduct

My first paper covers what I sythesized on this subject. Click here to read it

Learning cannot happen in isolation but must reflect, build on or debate with current understanding. Here are my diagrams on Literature Reviews:

image by author
image by author

This link is to my paper on the nature of educational research

I was advised at the start of the paper to keep a journal of my thoughts, unfortunately this was done on paper. At some point I will scan the lot and upload a pdf here.


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