POGIL= process orientated guided inquiry learning (http://www.pogil.org/)

Presented by Dave Thresher, Takapuna Grammar (d.thresher@takapuna.school.nz)

Inquiry learning means different things to different people in different disciplines. Learn through group work and discussions not through passive listening to teacher lecturing. Research concludes that students remember better when they engage in the learning process and come to knowledge through their own conceptual understanding.

POGIL tasks encourage students to have those conversations that teachers hope to hear, they actually debate their answers. The literacy aspect of the tasks is fantastic as long as the students buy in to it. These tasks are all online… With answers!

Just watch out for the following:

  1. Keep walking around, moderating and facilitating without actually leading
  2. Small groups (3 is best)
  3. Single POGIL can take 2-4 lessons
  4. Photocopying booklets can really hit budgets (books can be bought)
  5. Inherent misconceptions are not always targeted by a POGIL

**I hope that there are some primary resources out there…


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