Inquiry Learning via Video Production


Rhys Hodson, Takapuna Grammar

How does video production support guided inquiry?

1) student needs a framework and a timeframe (include a weekend)
2) task needs to be interesting to the kids
3) production of the final product has to be fun
4) the presentation of the product has to be interesting


  • No reason that group research should not be presented by a group. (Videos are acceptable as evidence) 
  • 4 to 8* students per group. One director who liaises with the teacher. Make everyone has a job. Start lessons with a directors meeting with teacher.
  • MP4 format is best, less issues with editing 
  • Use Bluetooth for free transfer of files. 
  • In the criteria it was included that the video should be humourous and include props or scenes.
  • Get the kids to peer assess the contribution of each member.
  • Marked in class while watching. 

* not sure about these numbers I find more than three per group probelmatic when it comes to workload/effort distribution

For editing:
Windows movie maker

Rookie mistakes
1) Distracting Background noise, especially wind, muffling the narratives. Try filming the scene and then add narrating afterwards.
2) Filmed sideways.


*Screenr captures your computer screen while recording your narration.
*TEDEd, lessons worth sharing. TED talks animated and resourced for classrooms.


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