Science and Art


 Image by Ernst Haeckel

Gabrielle Gunn & Kaz Bartsch, Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Wellington.

When out and about keep sketching looking at shapes and structures. Why? You’ll remember it better than just taking a photo of it. Makes you stop and notice the details. More likely to notice relationships and connections.

Work cross discipline with a buddy teacher in the art department…

Assessment: get students to create a poster but take away the dependence on words. Record the students talking about the poster and put a QR code to link to the recording.

Students need to research both the Science and the Artist or artistic medium (also social history and socio-scietific issues)

The projects gave more meaning and substance to the artwork as the students had to really understand their subject matter. They felt they has something to say. Gave them more ownership of their own learning.

Further reading:

  • E. Eisner
  • A. Goldsworthy

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