21st Century Learners


Mark McCrindle – Engaging with Gen Z 

Changing demographics. Changing influences. Changing lexicon (apps, tweets, status updates, android, Cloud computing) new approach to interacting

We are digital transactors, using a tool, the new gen are digitally integrated.

7 defining characteristics
* demographically changed (aging populations, people living longer) quantitative
Child -> adulthood
Child -> teens -> adulthood
Child -> teens -> kippers -> adulthood
“Kids in parents pockets eroding retirement savings”

*Generationally redefined (attitudinal change) Qualitative
60+ ‘Builders’
48 – 59 ‘Boomers’ 33-47 Gen X
18-32 Gen Y
2-17 Gen Z

*Technologically Integrated (multi screen, multi tasking)
50 million viewers 
1956 tv roll out 13 years
1991 web roll out 4 years
2006 Facebook roll out 1 year
2012 YouTube vid 4 days

Change in Focus
Tradition -> Innovation
Reputation -> Recommendation (not what the company says, what the last 10 users say)
Sit and listen -> try and see (users create the content)
Long term needs -> shorter term wants
Content -> process, how we say it
Authority -> authenticity

Waking through the school gates is like stepping back in time, incongruent with students own lives.

*Globally Focussed
Globally connected, integrated, globally interested The speed of change and trends is sooooo fast

*Visually engaged
Connecting relationally rather than deductively

*Socially defined and influenced. The power of the peer group. The website is not a repository of information, it is about connections and communication.

*Educationally transformed
Active, hands on, interactive, self directed, changing the platform,

“If you’re leader but no ones following, you’re just out for a walk”

Closed book exams to open book
Memorizing to accessing
Teacher/learned to coach/facilitator/learner
Clinical classroom to innovate aesthetic
Provable/visual to observable/visual
Passive to participative
Structured to spontaneous

Students are arriving at school having spent 5 years learning in a very different way to that set in the school.

Something to be aware of:



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