My inquiry

My Inquiry planning so far…


What is important to the school? 

1) The 6 values (integrity, excellence, creativity, respect, resilience, caring)
2) The breath of experiences (sport, cultural, academic, community/service)

3) ‘Every child a star’

What this vision means, looks like: 
* every child’s talents will be recognized, nurtured and celebrated
* every child is challenged to succeed to their potential
What are the school’s goals? 
To provide points of difference that are valued by the students, parents and the wider school community.
To provide educational resources that will help prepare students to reach their full potential.
To create a stimulating place to work and learn.
To secure long term viability of the school.
To be a valued member of the wider school community.
How is my practice geared towards achieving those goals?

Recognized: conversations, assessments (S,K &U)

Nurtured: modeling, investigations, experiments, 
Celebrated: Science Fair, 

Science Gala, displays on walls, videos and photos on website, presenting to class, assembly certificates

Challenged: 3-level success criteria, competitions, 
Where am I (my practice) falling short?
Do I really know each student’s potential? Am I conscious of what I believe their potential to be. Am I immediately aware when a student achieves above or below expectation?

What might I do differently that could be effective?
School wide tracking, historic, 
Pre questions to whanau, self appraisals, students need to regularly reflect on their learning, how to communicate with their peers and the CT. 
Think, pair, share just 3 to 5 a week., letting the students know what I’m doing and why.
It will take up lesson time, but if effective it is a good use of time. Might be worth secretly filming it so students don’t feel like their being tested.

My question

Does giving up some lesson time to student reflection give me a better understanding of each student’s potential.
“what I understood/got from this lesson was…”

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