Flipped Classroom – Teaching Inquiry


What is a “flipped classroom?”

The flipped classroom is the brainchild of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams who are pioneers in the field of using vodcasts (recorded lectures) in the classroom. They have devised a new method of teaching called Pre-Vodcasting and the Flipped Classroom. In this model, students watch vodcasts at home and class time is spent in engaging hands-on activities and directed problem solving.


Flipped Mastery

  • Students have to master a skill or understanding before moving on to the next thing
  • Individualised learning
  • Time for ne-on-one discussions with students – meaningful, formative assessments
  • demonstrations with small groups allowing for more discussion at the same time
  • Moodle as platform for summative assessments, random questions so firstfinishers cannot aid later finishers




Planning My Teaching Inquiry

  1. Fill out planning document

  2. Arrange to meet with a survey specialist
  3. Collect necessary pre-data
  4. Arrange PD time to collect data and analyse
  5. Arrange PD time to make pre-Vodcasts and supplimentary activities as well as summative assement questions on Moodle
  6. Learn how to make different styles of video (live screen feed, slideshow with video box)
  7. Research how other teachers (especially primary and/or Science teachers) have flipped their classroom and whta their outcomes have been.
  8. Make some videos and then make some more!!!



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