What actually happens in a flipped classroom?

Beyond the vodcasts by catlintucker.com


Ramsey Musallam, defines “flip teaching” as “leveraging technology to appropriately pair the learning activity with the learning environment.” This flexibility is why technology has the potential to be so transformative in education.


Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom by Andew Miller

1) need to know: there has to be relevance to the content or the students who need more than the upcoming test to motivate them, won’t access the material that they are meant to for homework.

2) supportive pedagogical models: Use models like project based learning (PBL) or understanding by design (UbD) that are geared towards need to know content acquisition then look at how you can flip the structure/ medium term plan.

3) technology: what is there, what constraints, how do you want students to be able to access it. What alternatives are there. Remember videos can be burned onto a DVD…

4) reflection: each video must have some sort of reflection activity so that students are interactive rather than passive learners

5) time and place: think about when, where and how students will access the videos and remember to keep them short! 

** in the notes write the timings for the different parts of the video (intro, example one, first task, etc.) thank you to http://flippingwithkirch.blogspot.co.nz/p/flipclass-resource-page.html for this idea.

Next Steps

a) Many teachers have made a video to introduce their flipped classroom both to students and to parents. I need to sit down and watch some of these.
b) I need to use the community forums to get advice on the amount of extra time needed to run a flipped mastery science programme so I have a clear idea what support I need to ask for.
c) I need to find a Moodle expert so that I can use fully the functionality of this platform to support the flipped mastery programme.
d) It would be good to find somebody local to sit down and have a chat with.
e) Is there any grant/funding to support research in primary Science education?

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