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It’s strange, I’ve always appreciated the idea of Scratch, but never actually looked at it. At my last school there was a club run by someone else and even though some of the students used it to supplement their presentations in Science, all I ever saw was the end product and I gave very little consideration of the thought and understanding that goes into designing and creating a Scratch.

If I’m very honest, I saw it as something specialized and a bit gimmicky. I did not understand that by not teaching children to code I was denying them the very tools of creation. It is like teaching your students to read, but never giving them the opportunity to write. Not all of them will become great authors, just like, not all of them will become great code writers, but that’s not why we teach them. We teach them so that they can create and share and build and redesign this world into something more than it would have been without them.

As a teacher I am not creating the consumers of tomorrow but the builders, and Scratch will find a place in my classroom.

Here’s my first attempt – OK, it’s hardly going to win any awards, but I figured this out on my own and got it to do what I wanted it to do and yes – I am pleased with it!


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