So, time for a little PD to introduce us to the new platform.

It seems you can share projects between classes and between schools, but I get the impression that this wouldn’t be collaborative work, but rather and copy and paste of resources. Having said that; you can create groups that have students from different classes, so there might be more scope especially as open discussions can be attached to a specific project.

It seems to have some of the capability of Moodle but is designed to be very user friendly (though you wouldn’t believe it listening in on this meeting!). Interestingly, parents are given their own log-ins. I love the idea but it raises a lot of questions, some simply around administration. It does, however, solve the problem of parents accessing homework directly as when you assign it to your students it automatically assigns it to the parents as well (if you turn that feature on).

Note to self: if you are once again in a position to arrange staff PD – remember “one size does NOT fit all!”


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